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    1. Any things else i can help you?

  1. Works wonderful ! Thanks

    1. Mention not Diva G. don’t forget to share where you came on that page to your friends and family on fb, twitter, Linkedin and Reddit.

  2. why it can’t run on 10.15.4?

    1. Bro am running mac os 10.15.4 and cleanmymac running well.

  3. hi, I have a problem, it’s crush on macOS 10.15.4 , cleanmymac version is v4.5.1, thanks

    1. let my try to upload new version. but this is working fine on my system.

      1. the new version(4.6.1) is worked well on macOS 10.15.4, thank you very much

  4. bro i am not able to download everytime i click on download the download does not starts and it redirects me on other page. Please Help me.

  5. impossible download !!

  6. Can’t downland

    1. Link updated thanks for telling

  7. I can’t download it, it takes me to other pages, but not to the download one…

    1. Link is updated sorry to hear about that,

  8. Why torrent?

    where is .dmg or .zip

    1. Torrent is safe bro, and you know that hosting files on server is too costly so, we share the files via torrent from our own pc.

  9. Unable to download, link keeps redirecting to commercials

    1. Thanks for inform. I have updated link, You can check it

  10. Does this work on MacOS Big Sur? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes Yes am using on big sur

  11. Links doesnt work, please advise

    1. Link was updated, Sorry for late reply,

  12. Oh no… peer is 0

    Don’t work torrent file that all


    i can’t download

    1. Sorry for that, now link is updated.

  13. Doesnt seem to be working on macOS monterey 12 beta hey

    1. No! it’s not working on Monterey

  14. Can you refresh the ZIP / DMG download link or just send it to my email? πŸ™‚

    1. Bro the size of the file is too big to supported gmail file sending size
      let me try to uploading in google drive then, share link with you.

      1. Sure, or can you just repair the Download Links? I can’t download it from Safari and Chrome too.

  15. Does not work on MacOS Monterey 12.0 Beta, will it be available soon in Monterey?

    1. Yes don’t work on Monterey am also waiting next release of cmm

  16. I can’t download it to my MacBook. Download link is down?

    1. Do, you have already installed any torrent file downloader software?
      If not then, installed uTorrent into your macOS then, try again.

  17. The download link does not work, please fix it.

    1. Hy i have update the download link. You neet to click on “Download Links” It is a torrent link. Before clicking, make sure you have already installed torrent software into your mac OS

  18. Hola,la versiΓ³n es la 4.8.4 NO la 4.8.5 πŸ™

    1. Hola new version will be shared soon for MacOS Monterey.

      1. when can you install version 4.8.5 via torrent?

        1. I will be upload new version today.

  19. Hi, When the 4.8.5 version will be available?

    1. Hy sorry today will be uploaded new version today

  20. Hi, the link still downloading de version 4.8.4, will you fix it? Thanks…

  21. The link leads to version 4.8.4, please fix it.

  22. Link for mac not working

    1. Working fine, After adding link in torrent downloader, then, wait for a while then, downloading will be start.

  23. still no new version?

    1. yup Me also, waiting for new version, coz i by mistake installed Mac OS Monterey on my PC. But now any Cracked version of any software don’t work perfectly πŸ˜€

      1. Does any cracked version of Parallels Desktop work for you with Mac OS Monterey? I absolutely need windows for my Mac mini (It has the M1 chip by the way!)

  24. When will version 4.85 be available? πŸ˜•

    1. Am really sorry! I will not found yet.

  25. this version is not working on macos monterey, pls update it guys. Thank You.

    1. Same issue with me too. Wait for new update or Monterey

  26. Hi, now with Monterey Mac version only Cleanmymac version 4.9.1 work, do u ve same possibility to study? Tkx for answer and u maked very good work

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  27. It’s not the crack! It want’s id and password from me!!!

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  28. It’s the original link. After installing it wanting the id and pass from me. Where is the crack dmg file?

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  29. The supposed 4.9.1 update as of November 4 23:04 (GMT +8) just downloads the MacPaw DMG instead of the crack itself, is that intentional or?

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  30. The file for Monterey does not works actually. Not activated…

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  31. hi guys same prob here, crash on monterey 12,0,1

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  32. What is this? Every time I download the app, it says that I need to unlock the full version, which means that this isn’t cracked for some reason. Please fix that.

    1. Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  33. Hello, i have lots of softwares from your site and they’re working very well. but i’m having problem with this, i have installed it many time but every time it show Activation popup. please help me.

    1. Sorry, Rajesh Bro, Am Still searching Cracked version for Mac OS Monetorery.

  34. Did you finally properly crack this version?? I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks for you to update this post and put the correct crack but, alas, nothing yet.

  35. The link doesn’t work!!! It just redirects me to a ad website. Fix this.

  36. Once installed it asks you for an activation key, this is not the cracked version πŸ™

    1. Same here πŸ™


    1. Yes! because our team is Cracking but still they did not crack the latest version. We are sorry but I will give you good news soon. Am also, waiting for it.

  38. !!!Read to understand why the cracked version is no longer working: !!


    I am patiently waiting for tnt to create new crack. thank you for providing this app that protects my mac free of charge. you are appreciated.

  39. Guys, they’re doing this for free, the least we can do is wait…

    1. The user who has M1 with Big Sur or Monetorery please buy the software from the official website.

  40. Really great job guys!

  41. Did you crack it?

    1. Already shared Cracked latest version link is live.

  42. 0 pear can’t download

    1. this time there are 16 peer is connected.

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